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News November 2005


New employees at new RELCON office in Malmö

We continue to have a positive view of the development of the market, and have experienced an increased demand for our services. Therefore, we have employed two highly skilled engineers and moved to bigger office downtown Malmö.

Tomas Eliasson begin working at RELCON’s Malmö office in January 2006, as safety engineer. 

Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology. Completion of several courses at the University of Malmö, including development methodology in organisations, human capital theory, industrial economics, quality management, industrial marketing, business and marketing law basic course.

"For a long time, I have thought about trying to get back into the nuclear power side, which I find very exciting and stimulating. I began with that a long time ago. After obtaining my engineering degree, I worked with safety questions in Sydkraft with assignments at Barsebäck and Oskarshamn. I was there for about 12 years, and had an extraordinarily interesting on-the-job education in the nuclear power area. I also worked for a time as secretary in the Central Safety Committee within Sydkraft.  After that, I was at Sydkraft Konsult as head of a department called Reliability, and there we mainly dealt with risk analysis. After about 12 years within the world of nuclear power, I wanted to broaden my horizons – not wanted to get stuck in a box, and therefore I stepped over to the gas and heating side, and I was there until I saw RELCON’s advertisement this summer."

Fredrik Ståhl began working at RELCON’s Malmö office on 21 November 2005, in the area of safety engineering.

Education: Master of Science in Mechanical engineering at Lund Institute of Technology. Additional ECTS-credits earned in Business Administration, Business Law, Statistics, Economics and Theoretical Philosophy.

"I was a purchaser at Forsmark 2, where I worked with improving efficiency, which means working on the account of the block for increasing efficiency of the project. At RELCON, I will be working with deterministic safety analyses, reactor safety and surveys, and this is a completely different type of work from that which I had at Forsmark 2.

I have a good insight into the various safety projects which are ongoing, as I was in the front line in my role as purchaser at Forsmark. In the second place, I have been trained in working with safety issues, and I am especially familiar with SKI’s (Swedish Governments Regulatory Body) new regulations – guidelines which are to be the basis of future safety work at nuclear power plants in Sweden. "